Sunday, June 5, 2011


Finally it seems to be warming up and it sort of feels like summer at least! Unfortunately, it's getting closer to Jordan leaving and spending summer apart is not exciting. He leaves in two weeks. Luckily my mom is coming to stay with me for a week while he's gone.
Here are a few highlights from the past couple months...

I graduated... and the best part is I have a job! I'll be teaching fifth grade again at my same school next year. I'm excited.

Billy and Esther got married the same weekend as graduation! We're so happy for them, but miss them because they moved to Kentucky.

And Easter was that same weekend, so it worked out because our families were in town.

Last month, we went to glow in the dark mini golf with Bill and Annie (Claire's sister and Jordan's friend from freshman year who, by the way, just got married this weekend! Woo-hoo!)
And, lastly, we just recently moved to draper and we love our new apartment. The commute is A MILLION TIMES BETTER! I only have to drive a half hour to my school instead of an hour, and Jordan has to drive about a half hour to BYU. The location is perfect.

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