Thursday, August 25, 2011

At last....

Jordan's back.. Thank goodness!

We had a lot of fun with Quinn and Claire while we were there, then I came back and started a new school year with a new class. After three weeks of teaching, I went off track and Jordan FINALLY came home! The weekend after he got back we drove to Oregon to visit both of my grandparents. We stayed two nights with my mom's parents and then two nights with my dad's side. It was such a fun weekend.

Now Jordan's back to work and next week he starts back to school. Until then we're enjoying having a little more time together than we usually have. We've played tennis everyday this week which has been fun. Okay I should say we've practiced. We haven't played an actual game yet because I'm soooo bad. I'm getting better though. Ha. I'm loving being off-track.

Here are a bunch of random pictures that happened since the last time I posted.

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